Bareboat Charter Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are in place for the protection, safety and enjoyment of our customers and staff. Any questions should be asked and answered before paying a deposit.

Safety and Briefing

Prior to your charter you will be given a briefing on the boat, by Take a Turn Yachting Ltd covering all the safety kit and functions of the boat. At the end of this briefing, you will be required to sign the checklist acknowledging the delivery and your understanding of the points covered. You will also be provided with an inventory for the vessel, this must be checked and agreed as it will be used on the vessel’s return to confirm the equipment onboard.

A plan of the vessel will be used to mark any existing damage on the vessel.

Any medical conditions or medication must be noted on your booking form.

Take a Turn Yachting Ltd has the right to cancel your charter if you give a tangible reason for them to suspect you are likely to cause damage to the vessel, your crew, or others.

By participating in a charter with Take a Turn Yachting Ltd you and your crew understand that there is always a risk of injury and ultimately death. You hereby absolve Take a Turn Yachting Ltd, its Directors and staff of any responsibility for injuries sustained or loss of life, except in cases where the Company’s gross negligence can be proven.

Area of operation

Take a Turn Yachting Ltd reserves the right to agree the area of operation on a case by case basis. This is dictated around your qualifications and experience. As a guide;

Dayskipper – West limit: Lizard Point – East Limit: Dartmouth

Yachtmaster Offshore – West Limit: Isles of Scilly – East limit: Solent

If winds are forecast F7 or more you must remain secure on a pontoon or mooring. Poor weather is forecast and should be planned for when building a week’s itinerary.

At all times vessels are to remain in the inland and coastal waters of Great Britain. Unless otherwise agreed in writing  with Take a Turn Yachting Ltd.

At all times while the vessel is not secured to a pontoon or mooring the vessels AIS is to be turned on.


In order to charter a vessel there must be on board at least 1 person holding as a minimum RYA Day skipper or equivalent with at least 30 days experience on a similarly sized vessel, AND 1 person holding RYA Competent Crew or equivalent. These 2 persons must be capable of handling the vessel independent of the rest of the crew. There must be at least one person holding a VHF licence on board.


The vessel’s capacity and occupancy is stated on the website – at no point shall this be exceeded.


In order to confirm a booking Take a Turn Yachting Ltd will require a 50% non-refundable deposit, including the value of any extras. The balance of the booking fee is due 30 days prior to the start of your charter.

Bookings made with less than 30 days notice shall pay the full booking fee at the time of booking.

Damage Deposit

Prior to your charter Take a Turn Yachting Ltd will require a deposit of £1000 to be paid via bank transfer. This is held for the duration of your charter and for up to 14 days after. The deposit shall be used to cover any charges incurred by the Charterer. Including but not exclusively: damage to the vessel or equipment, loss of equipment, vessel returned in an unclean or dirty state, vessel returned without fuel being replaced, vessel late return etc.

Alternatively the deposit may be taken via credit or debit card but will incur a £30 non-refundable administration fee.

Damage and Groundings

Any damage or groundings should be reported to Take a Turn Yachting Ltd as soon as possible. In the event of groundings, the vessel should make its way to the nearest safe haven under motor. If the decision is made that the vessel requires inspecting before it returns to sea in a commercial capacity, Take a Turn Yachting ltd reserve the right to cancel the remainder of the charter. If the damage can be proved to have been caused by a third party the balance of the charter will be refunded.


By the Charterer -Bookings cancelled with more than 30 days notice shall receive a refund of any money above the non-refundable deposit. Booking cancelled less than 30 days before the start of a charter shall not be entitled to a refund of the deposit or balance payments, and are liable for the outstanding balance of the charter cost.

By the Company – Should we be forced to cancel a charter we will try to reschedule the booking or provide an agreed alternative vessel, if this cannot be done, you will receive a full refund of any monies paid to that point. The refund shall have a maximum value of that paid to Take a Turn Yachting Ltd, the Company shall not be liable for any other expenses incurred by the Charterer such as accommodation and travel. It is recommended that separate insurance is taken out to cover against these expenses.


All vessels are insured for accident and third party liability, the Charterer is liable for the insurance excess. The Charterer is liable for any damage or loss to the vessel or its equipment and for any third party liability that is caused by the Charterer’s actions undermining the vessels insurance.

Collection and Return of Vessel

Vessels shall be returned to Mylor Yacht Harbour, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Take a Turn Yachting Ltd. Vessels not returned to Mylor Yacht Harbour without permission will be treated as late and charged as such – £100 per hour or part thereof, plus any costs incurred at the port the vessel is left at, the Charterer shall also be liable for the safety and condition of the vessel until employees of Take a Turn Yachting Ltd are able to get to the boat for recovery. If the Charterer wishes to organise a delivery crew to return the vessel to Mylor Yacht Harbour, approval of the organisation must be given by Take a Turn Yachting Ltd, who reserve the right to refuse permission if they are not appropriately qualified or insured or plan to operate in breach of the ‘Bareboat Charter Term and Conditions’.

If during the charter it seems likely that the Charterer will not be able to return to Mylor Yacht Harbour, contact should be made with Take a Turn Yachting Ltd as soon as possible.

All vessels shall be provided in a clean and tidy state, with full fuel and water tanks, empty holding tanks and no defects or faults undermining the safety and operation of the vessel.

All vessels should be returned in a clean and tidy state, with full fuel and water tanks, empty holding tanks and any problems, faults or damage recorded on the provided maintenance log.

Deductions will be made from the damage deposit for cleaning, refilling of tanks and late return.

Refill fuel – £50 plus the value of fuel.

Cleaning – From £150 dependant on state of vessel.

Late return – £100 per hour or part thereof.

Should the charges incurred amount to more than the damage deposit value, the Charterer agrees to settle the outstanding bill with in 48hrs of the end of the charter.

Subletting, commercial use and prohibited uses

Any subletting or commercial use of a vessel shall be agreed in advance with Take a Turn Yachting Ltd, who retain the right to not give permission.

Prohibited uses: Diving (Scuba or equipment supported), fishing (netting, potting), smuggling or any illegal activity whatsoever.


Pets are not permitted on board vessels.

Misbehaviour and responsibilities

Take a Turn Yachting Ltd retain the right to cancel a charter and repossess a vessel at any time should they be given reason to suspect either the vessel, crew or others are in danger.

At all times, while not secured to a pontoon or mooring, there must be a qualified skipper and crew capable of handling the vessel onboard.

Smoking is not permitted inside the vessel and should be confined to the leeward side and positioned so any residue does not end up on the vessel.

Charters terminated by Take a Turn Yachting Ltd due to misbehaviour, alcohol or drug consumption or smoking shall not be entitled to a refund.


By paying a deposit you agree to be bound by the terms laid out above.

This agreement will be governed by the laws of England.

Take a Turn Yachting Limited – Mylor Yacht Harbour, Mylor, Falmouth, TR11 5UF

Take a Turn Yachting Ltd is a Limited Company registered in United Kingdom, Company Number, 14612863, whose registered office is 14 High Cross, Truro, Cornwall, England, TR1 2AJ.  Tel. 07762 460243  Company No. 14612863

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