Boat Club Cornwall - RIB Hire

Welcome to Boat Club Cornwall.

Boat Club Cornwall provides RIB Charter to appropriately qualified members, currently in Falmouth and surrounding area.

As part of joining the club you will get a thorough induction to the boat and area of operation so you can be sure of a good time afloat.

For most water users club membership and charter represents a significant saving over owning your own boat. We look after the maintenance and servicing of the boat, along with ensuring all the appropriate safety kit is serviced and in place. When you arrive the boat will be clean, fueled up and run up so you can step a board and head out without any faff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All members must be RYA Powerboat Level 2 certified.

Hire can be booked in 7 days a week year round (with the exception of the Christmas period)

You can pay as you go and each days hire is £240.

You can pre pay for days too, which reduces the cost per day, these can be booked consecutively or used throughout the agreed period. Membership must be held to book hire.

3 days – £660 (6months expiry) – £220 per day

5 days – £1000 (1 year expiry) – £200 per day

10 days – £1800 (2 years expiry) – £180 per day

Last minute bookings are also possible, if you call the day before you would like to go out and the boat is available you can rent for a reduced cost

1 day last minute – £150

4 hours last minute – £100

Evening last minute (18:00-20:00 May-August only) – £80

. Pre pay cards can not be used for last minute bookings.

The boat is available for you from 8:30 and must be returned by 17:30

Yes, if you book consecutive days charter you can use the boat in daylight hours and keep it away from Mylor so long as you have suitable storage options.

The induction is around 3 hours. It includes a thorough briefing on the boat, the controls, electronics and safety kit. The on water part will follow the RYA Powerboat Level 2 direct assessment – a copy will be provided in advance for you, we will also look at navigating in and out of the marina and follow a short passage plan. Ashore we will go through a chart of the area, highlighting key points including some tidal restrictions.

Training can be undertaken at an RYA Powerboat School. This can be either a 2 day course or if you think you have the relevant experience, a direct assessment. You can do this at any RYA powerboat training center, we recommend Mylor Sailing and Powerboat School which is located close by.


Anyone skippering the boat MUST be a member but passengers do not need to be.  

Only people who have completed the induction can drive the boat. If you have a group who all want to drive the boat then we can do a group induction price.

The purpose of the induction is to insure the customer has a good understanding of the RIB, has boat handling skills to an RYA level 2 standard and has a working knowledge of the area of operation.

If you did your training more than a year ago and haven’t used it since, we recommend booking a refresher. You can do this at Mylor Sailing School.

The induction is there to insure the safety of our customers, other water users and the boat. If you are unable to complete the direct assessment or show a reckless behaviour on board then you will not pass. We can recommend a local school where you will be able to undertake training to bring you back up to RYA Powerboat Level 2 standard.

    • If we do not feel you are safe afloat then 50% of any booked hire will be refunded.
    • You will be send the induction content in advance and it is published online, if you are not sure your skills are at an appropriate level we recommend booking in for a refresher with Mylor Sailing and Powerboat School.

No, once we have done the skills assessment if you wish to hire a different boat we will run through the boat specific part at the start of your hire on the new boat.

You can hire a boat as much or little as you like once you have joined and completed the induction.

Yes we can deliver the boat anywhere in the area, call us to ask for a quote.

The boat must not be used at night- it must be secure back with us or on a suitable pontoon or mooring 1 hour before sunset.

A full map of our area can be found on our website. You are able to use the Fal estuary, Falmouth Bay, Helford Passage and following the coast of Gerrans bay as far as Carne Beach.

By prior arrangement the boat may be delivered to another location so long as appropriate storage is available. This is quoted for on a case by case basis.

No, we are not insured for this activity.

No the boat will be provided with a full tank of fuel and can either be returned with a full tank of fuel (there is a fuel berth in Mylor) or we can fill it up and charge the pump rate plus £30.

Yes, we hold a £1200 damage deposit. this can will be used to repair any damage to the boat, deductions will also be made for the late return of a boat or operating the boat in a dangerous manner. A full break down of the deposit can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Your deposit will be returned 7 days after each booking.

If you are using the boat regularly and want to leave your deposit with us to save a job then we can keep it until you are done with hire for the year.

If you change your mind mid season it can be returned 7 days after your last booking.

Assuming you own a £20,000 RIB your yearly costs will be around




Summer pontoon berth at Mylor


Winter Storage


Engine service Yearly


Trailer Maintenance


Boat and safety kit Maintenance and cleaning





By hiring with us, you can join and do 22 days on the water with out taking advantage of any last minute booking before you reach the cost of owning your own boat, let alone buying it to start with and depreciation. The boat will be clean and run up before you arrive to make charter as hassle free as possible.

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